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Textile Design PlugIns for Adobe Photoshop

We love fashion. And design. And computer. And graphics software.

That's why we at TRIADEM create software for the textile industry, and are specialised in using Adobe products for fashion and textile design, and this for almost 20 years .

TRIADEM StylePlug Weaver


Weaver : Creating fabric simulations


  PlugIn for Adobe Photoshop

- Design stripes, plaids and madras (dobby weaving)

- Yarn simulation

- Numeric input of warp and weft formula

- Freehand drawing and  editing the fabric formula

- creating color variants; Access to the collection color list

- Weave repeats, Weave editor with weave library

- Picture overlay, Multiple Undo, Color-Weave  Repeat


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TRIADEM StylePlug 'Weaver'

1.100,00 €

TRIADEM StylePlug 'Repeater'

Repeater : repeats and All-Over


PlugIn for Adobe Photoshop

  • All-Overs
  • Usual dropdown (1/2, 1/4...)
  • Rotation, symmetry, scaling and mirroring of patterns


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TRIADEM StylePlug 'Weaver'

800,00 €

TRIADEM StylePlug 'Coloration'

Coloration : Creating colour variations


PlugIn für Adobe Photoshop

  • define your colours
  • Create your colourways
  • Use .ACO colour lists
  • Create Multi-Channel files
  • Create Reports, Stylesheets
  • Re-colourise your design as flat dithered or full colours


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TRIADEM StylePlug 'Weaver'

968,00 €

TRIADEM StylePlug 'ColorList'

ColorList V3: Kollektionsfarben anmischen


PlugIn für Adobe Photoshop

- Bequemes Abmischen mehrerer Farben miteinander

- Ausdrucken der erstellten Farblisten und Schattierungen

- Ausdrucken von kompletten Swatch® Dateien (.aco)

- inkl. Farbbuch mit ca. 64.000 Farben; im PDF Format zum Ausdrucken


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TRIADEM StylePlug 'Weaver'

484,00 €

TRIADEM StylePlug 'Textile Design Suite'

TRIADEM StylePlugs  'Textile Design Suite'


PlugIns for Adobe Photoshop

Full package : includes all PlugIns: Coloration, ColorList, Repeater, Weaver

( saves a 10% on the sum of the unitary plugins )


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TRIADEM StylePlug 'Weaver'

3.018,95 €